ASH Block Board

Natural ASH veneer with thickness (0.5mm), and core veneer is (1.3mm) of European Poplar.


From trees to you with high quality products from First Wood.

European Poplar veneer, and American Red Oak
We slice Red Oak and Beech, and peeling the European Poplar with the high quality international standards to supply our clients with high quality product, and also use it in Plywood and Block Board productions.

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Wood Panels

In First Wood We use Russian Pine or White Wood, it is the most common and

Why FirstWood ?

In First Wood we guarantee  you the quality of the wood even after it's processed and painted because we manufacture the veneer in our factories using the highest technologies to control the quality and the appearance. First Wood is the best choice for those who are looking for super quality at good prices.

Our history

The company was established in 1993 with one purpose, which is having

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