Quality. Guarantee . Strength.

FirstWood is one of the leading companies in the middle east in Block Board and veneer production.

Since 1993, our aim is to present high quality products, that satisfy the customer and the end-user, because we are looking for perfection in the field of block board and veneer industry.

We are working with new, highly dehydrated wood (8% : 12% dehydration), and using the most powerful and technological machines and tools to manufacture premium products with good prices.

FirstWood produce its own veneer by importing wood logs (Oak, Beech, Ash, Mahogany and poplar) to control the quality and the thickness of the veneer to produce good and high quality product in order to compete with it in the local and the international markets.

We provide a guarantee for all our products even after it has been processed and painted to maintain a high level of credibility to our customers.